Giving In To You (fading_rubicon) wrote in localsororities,
Giving In To You

About Me And A Question...

Hey I thought I would drop a line and give some information about me and my chapter...

Name: Frances or "LiLith"
Sorority: Sigma Xi Delta Inc.
School: The College of Staten Island
Pledge Year: Founder
Class: Founder
City: Staten Island, New York
First charter: October 31, 2003

Also good news we crossed our Gamma class. 12 people. Problem is now I don't think all of them are taking it seriously. I know there are a few who are but most seem to be there for a jacket and the funny thing is they didn't even purchase letters yet... Trying to figure out what to do with them... Not sure anymore... I think they are going to become inactive until they learn how to be more of a whole like they were during their new member period... any idea's from anyone? I'm open for them...
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