pez60 (pez60) wrote in localsororities,

Happy Founders' Day Sigma Psi Kappa

On November 8, 1992, the five founding sisters of Sigma Psi Kappa, gathered together with the goal of starting their own ideal sorority. They envisioned a family of women, strong independently but stronger united, who would strive together to attain excellence in every endeavor. Their main focus was on creating a sisterhood firmly rooted in Service, Scholarship and Strength. The motto became "Sisterhood by Friendship," and the colors, letters and by-laws were developed around this credo.

Since gaining recogniction into the Inter Fraternity Sorority Council at NJIT in 1993, Sigma Psi Kappa has become a strong organization on campus, known for sponsoring two blood drives per semester on campus, being involved in campus clubs and organizations, and being a fun group of girls. We have initiated over 70 members into the sorority and continue to grow strong!

Happy Founders' Day!!
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