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Icon Help/ New Member Class

Does Anyone Know How To Make Custom Sorority or Fraternity Icons. I Would Need A Red Rose In The Background and Sigma Xi Delta in greek with the writing of Sigma Xi Delta spelt out in script under it. Can anyone help Me? The Writing would need to be a bold black over the red rose... If anyone has any suggestions or can help please let me know ASAP. Thanks so much.

Also our new member class turned out to be 8 people. 6 girls and 2 guys. We had 40 rushes and as usual a few disappear, a few really weren't intrested, a few were in other sororities and fraternities just trying to find out information but now the eight we have are doing a kick @$$ job and I am so happy with it being President and Pledge Mistress of Sigma Xi Delta. Anyone have any good idea's for a reward for the whole class? I mean so many times when they mess up they get demerits and such but no one has messed up, it's two weeks into it and there all getting along together and just doing so well... I mean I figure 5 will most likely make it to crossing ( a few have been having personal family issues) but I really would like to reward them) If you have any ideas leave me a comment please. Have a great day.
Love and Sig Xi's,
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I could help you make an icon. What color would you like the writing to be?

Also, there's a website where you can request custom AIM icons. I requested some a few months ago for my chapter, and like 20 were made in just a few days! The link is:
I would like it in nearly the same format you have yours. With a bloomed red nicole rose, writing in black With the greek letters Sigma Xi Delta in greek letters then the name written in script under it, if you can make that I would be forever greatful. Thanks for the help.